Eye Fold®

IOL made of hydrophobic acrylate

The benefits at a glance:

  • 1-part spherical IOL
  • Preloaded injector system
  • Hydrophobic acrylic
Technical data Eye Fold®
Filter UV-filter
Material hydrophobic acrylic
Lens type spherical
Production Lathe-cut
Powers 0.0 to +34.0 in 0.5 D increments
Lens diameter 6.0 mm optic zone
Total diameter 13.00 mm
Haptic design Modified C-loop
A-constant* 118.2 (nominal)
Injector Prosert
Outside diameter of the front injector tip 1.78 mm

*The A constant is the basis for calculating the lens power. It is recommended that these be customized based on the experience of the operating surgeon and the equipment used.


The following description is merely a summary of the handling and does not replace the instructions for use.

Step 1: Wetting
At the beginning of the aspiration phase, fill in the viscoelastic material through the infusion opening to allow sufficient wetting. The injector remains in the holding container.

Step 2: Implantation preparation
Remove the injector from the container when the surgeon is ready for the implantation.

Step 3: Implantation
Slowly push the IOL in the direction of the injector tip by turning the screw handle clockwise until the front haptic has reached the bevel. Insert the injector tip with slot down (Bevel Down) through the incision deep into the capsular bag and release the lens by smoothly turning the screw handle further into the capsular bag.