Hyaluronic acid

The benefits at a glance:

  • High viscosity
  • Easy to rinse and suction
  • Good endothelial protection
  • Extracted from cockscomb
  • Storage between 2 – 25°
  • Listed in Annex V G-BA
Technical data Optyluron NHS® 1 %* Optyluron NHS® 1,4 %*
Sodium hyaluronate 1% 1.4%
Molecular weight in dalton Ø 5 million Ø 5 million
Viscosity Ø million Ø 3.3 million
Storage 2°C – 25°C 2°C – 25°C
Syringe contents [ml] 0.55/0.85 0.55/0.85

*Please refer to the package leaflet for a complete listing of product properties and applications.

Eye lotion

Balanced salt solution

Rinsing solution for ophthalmology

Eye lotion balanced salt solution – Rinsing solutions for safe and economical treatment of ophthalmological procedures. Rinsing solutions have been produced for use in ophthalmology for many years. Proven manufacturing processes and the highest level of safety and reliability in handling pharmaceuticals and medical devices are the key criteria for this eye wash solution.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Safe sterilisation, compliant with the pharmacopoeia
  • Closely monitored in-process checks
  • Wide range of products (PP bottles, bags)
  • 500 ml or 250 ml*
  • Listed in Annex V G-BA
1 ml contains:
Sodium chloride 6.40 mg
Potassium chloride 0.75 mg
Calcium chloride H2O 0.48 mg
Magnesium chloride 6 H2O 0.30 mg
Sodium acetate 3 H2O 3.90 mg
Sodium citrate 2 H2O 1.70 mg
Water for injections (NaOH or HCl up to pH 7.2)

*Please refer to the package leaflet for a complete listing of product properties and applications.


2.0 % HPMC 2.0 ml

Your reliable assistant for cataract surgeries

  • hydroxypropyl methylcellulose-based viscoelastic
  • maintains optimal depth of the anterior chamber during capsulorhexis
  • provides very good protection for the endothelial cells during the entire operation, due to its dispersive properties
  • is free of preservatives
  • has a high purity level and can be easily removed after surgery by irrigation/aspiration
  • can be stored at room temperature (10° – 30°).
  • available in 2 % concentration
  • sterile disposable syringe with 2 ml solution
  • including 23G disposable cannula from Sterimedix, Luer Lock termination
  • Viscosity: 5000 cPs
  • Molecular weight approx. 86,000 dalton